Building Permit

If you plan to do any construction (including decks) within the Town of Brockway then you’ll need a Jackson County Land Use Permit and a Building Permit from the Town. NOTE: 10′ x 12′ pre-built storage sheds do not require any permits.

Mobile Home Replacements
Requirements for replacement of mobile home structures in the Sanitary District:

  • There will be no dollar amount set
  • No mobile home smaller than a 14×70
  • No modular smaller than 24×40
  • Any individual wanting to replace an existing mobile structure must bring design and plan before the Board of Adjustment to review. After review of the mobile structure the Board of Adjustment will have the final decision as to the placement of the mobile home. The Board of Adjustment also have the right to make an on sight inspection of proposed mobile home. There will be no year limit placed on these homes, only Board of Adjustment approval.
  • This ordinance pertains to only replacement mobile homes inside the Sanitary District.
  • All mobile homes shall have a pitched roof

Please contact Town Hall to obtain the required permits. Call 715-284-5234